ISCS sandfest

ISCS SandFest 2022
Sand Trading
OIMB Dining Hall Classroom

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There will be 33 in-person and 13 virtual attendees

Leftover Sand

Any sand left at the conference will be donated to the OIMB Marine Life Center. ISCS will not retain any sand that is left behind.

Trading Styles

Buffet: A smorgasbord of sediment! Everyone who wants to participate must bring plenty of bags to share and put them on the sand buffet table. Then, you can browse the sands on the buffet at your leisure. Select one bag each of any sand you want until your sand belly is full.

Swap: Have a seat at a table and bargain one on one with your fellow psammophiles. "I'll trade you these 2 for that one..." This is also a good place to perform pre-arranged trading agreements.

How Many Bags and How Much in Each?

There will be 33 in-person and 13 virtual attendees

You can prepare as many small bags as you want for buffet trading with 30 mL or about 2 tablespoons of sand in each bag. Less is okay, but try for 30 mL as that is considered "sandistry" standard (from the days when people used film canisters).

For swap trading, the size and quantity you trade is up to you and the person you trade with.

Note: No splitting of samples to smaller bags during trading is allowed. We must keep our area clean, so all samples must be pre-bagged elsewhere and not on-site at SandFest.

Labels are Required

All bags must be labelled with your name. No anonymous sand!

All bags must be labelled with the location where the sand was collected.

If the location is unknown, label it "unknown".

Click here for a template to print generic labels for hand labelling and click here for a template to print labels with information already filled in.

Buffet Trading Rules

Take only one sample of a particular specimen from a trader so that everyone else has a chance to get a sample.

Only samples clearly arranged on the table are available for trading. Do NOT open any boxes on the buffet table.

Be mindful of the quality of the sand that you are trading. Bring samples that you think other sand collectors would want.

If possible, bring more than a handful of a particular specimen to trade so collectors have a chance to get one. It's okay if you only have a few, but try to have other specimens in greater quantities too.

Virtual Attendees: If you would like to send sand, volunteers will put your sand on the trading table for you. Though we can't guarantee the quantity or quality of the sand you will receive, we plan to put samples in a box along with your goodies. The box will be mailed after the conference has adjourned.

Swap Trading Rules

Traders decide their own rules. Conference organizers are neither swap trade rule makers nor swap trade rule enforcers.

Shipping to SandFest

You will be able to ship your prepared sand to a local address. When you register, enter the number of boxes you will be shipping. Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive the shipping address. Box requirements:

  • Boxes must be USPS fixed rate, medium, top-loading boxes
  • Sand must be pre-bagged and labelled as described above

Shipping from SandFest

There is a post office within walking distance of the SandFest venue, so it will be easy for attendees to ship sand home.

For more information contact us!

Trading Sand -- the best part!

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