ISCS sandfest

Sunday, September 11
OIMB Boathouse Auditorium

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Note: There is minimal parking, so you will have to park in the Staff/Guest parking area (shown as student parking on the map) and walk.

For more information or to request closer parking, contact Lori Carter at

Morning Session

9:30 am

Welcome and Introduction
Speaker: Lori Carter, SandFest Coordinator

10:00 am

Presentation 1
Sand and Science: Paleotempestology
Speaker: Jennifer Coor


Here, we will take a closer look at some of the secrets that sand holds; by analyzing modern and ancient sand from coastal deposits, scientists are able to use that information to recreate past environments and identify prehistoric extreme climate events (such as hurricanes).

10:30 am

Presentation 2
The Global Watershed Project:
A Novel Application of Sand Analysis At the Undergraduate Level

Speaker: Dr. Terri Hood


Learn about a semester-long research project performed by Ecosystem Science & Policy majors at the University of Miami. Students assessed the roles that minerals found in different sands collected from around the world would play if added to the garden beds in the campus teaching garden.

11:00 am

15 Minute Break

11:30 am

Presentation 3
Sands in My Shoes – Fifty Years as a Sand Collector
Speaker: Robert A. Winfree, Ph.D.


Have you ever considered what sparked your interest in sand collecting, when that happened, and where that’s taken you? Bob will tell us about his many adventures and how he became a sand collector.

12:00 pm

Presentation 4
My Sand Collection
Speaker: Hans Zimmermann


After a chance encounter with a small sand collection, Hans began his journey as a sand collector. Hear how his collection grew and how he managed it through the years.

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

On your own lunch break

Afternoon Session

2:30 pm

Presentation 5
Sand Humor: A Gritty Subject
Speaker: Lori Carter, ISCS


Humor can be found almost anywhere, but can it be found in sand? Join us as we explore the many ways that sand appears in humor, whether in puns and word-play or actual sand itself!

3:00 pm

Presentation 6
Collecting Ant Sand
Speaker: Robb Hermes, ISCS Member


Sand can be found almost anywhere. But sometimes, the sand is not as easy to find as we would like. Learn how and why sand collectors should make friends with ants.

3:30 pm

Presentation 7
Special Pulpit Clocks
Speaker: R. Hermann, German Sand Museum


4:00 pm

Presentation 8
Garnets of the Northeast
Speaker: Fred Haynes, ISCS member


With its color and crystal form, it should not be surprising natural sands containing garnet are favorites among arenophiles. Fred will review garnet mineralogy, discuss its sources in the northeast United States, and detail several specific locations where garnet-rich sand can be found and collected on beaches, in streams, and near outcrops.

4:30 pm

Conference Adjourns
Speaker: Lori Carter, SandFest Coordinator


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